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The Cool Ghoul!

Mad Geppetto's Zacherley stands 17" tall and wears soiled Victorian undertaker's clothes. His ascot and medallions are replicas of those worn in the 1950's by the TV Horror Host. A simple lab base with skulls, books, real glass bottles, vials, and a miniature Gasport complete the scene. Zach offers up a toast... "Good Night, Whatever you are!"

For Zacherley's 90th birthday, Scott and Fritz presented Zach with a Mad Geppetto Creation. The figure was very well received, with Zach saying it is "the best figure" he has seen done of himself. He quite liked the coat and pants, complete with grave dirt. He looked forward to dressing in character and walking up and down his street with the figure, claiming it was his child.

Each is hand made with appropriate clothing and detailed accents. The head, hands and shoes are hand painted.  

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