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Attend the Tale.....

First conceived after seeing the Original Broadway Production of Steven Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street," it took "Too Mad" thirty years to bring this piece to life. Not until meeting the "Mad One" with all his wacky ideas and encouragement did Jim discover he had sculpting abilities--and could make the figures he always wanted but no one had ever made before! Three years (or thirty) in the making, this limited edition can be special ordered as you see it grandly pictured here on the theatrical set (allow 8 to 10 weeks) or Sweeney and Lovett can be ordered individually on a flat wood planked base (not pictured here - allow 6 weeks). Contact "Too Mad" himself via the e-mail below for pricing.

Lastly but not Leastly, inquiries are welcome for publishing rights for the use of images for future theatrical productions of "Sweeney."

*The figures and set comes with the Mad Geppetto guarantee of rarity. No man, woman, child or other forms of life on your block will have one.

Each is hand made with appropriate clothing and detailed accents. Sweeney Todd wields a real vintage full size sharpened straight razor and Mrs. Lovett's meat grinder really works!

Thanks for looking & please check for other great figures by Mad Geppetto!!

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