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“This must be the place where they empty all the hourglasses”
~Bob Hope as Orville ‘Turkey’ Jackson

They were two of a kind and so is this! Only two for you will ever be made! So says, Mr. Jim “Too Mad” Tufaro--the talented sculptor and designer behind this wonderful tribute piece. Conceived of as a lost footage/publicity still/Paramount Pictures prop department maquette brought to life, this loving tribute to Bing and Bob is an oasis of desert detail. One can almost hear the Paramount publicity department rhapsodizing over their attention grabbing tag lines like “Hope has never been Lost” or “Crosby still croons in the dunes!” “Will the dandy tandem escape their sandy fate?”

Envisioned as a nostalgic nod to all those raucous ‘road’ pictures of the past, this conceptual centerpiece parks itself perfectly in the present. Movie set details include a miniature palm tree, canvas desert backdrop and a generous amount of real sand! If you laughed at their adventures and giggled over their antics, then this is the one for you! The back lot set measures stands 9” high and the lads are enclosed within an 11” deep by 11” wide wooden border. For your added fun both the boys’ caps are removable. The sculpted heads are pressure cast resin, which have been painted using a mixture of oils and acrylics and then lacquer sealed for their protection. As we stated earlier there will be only TWO of these ever made. You have our word and will receive with your purchase a certified certificate of authenticity and agreement stating that you and only one other person in the WORLD will ever own one of these handmade gems! Perhaps this was just another day in the ‘Dream Factory’ for Bob and Bing-but for TWO lucky people out there this may just be a dream come true! Sorry fellas, Dorothy Lamour not included.

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