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“What an excellent day for an Exorcism”

We are very pleased to present to you our delightfully demonic homage to what is often considered the finest horror film ever made. Our three-piece tribute to the time-tested classic has been our own struggle between Darkness and Light… Good versus Evil. We like to say at Mad Geppetto: “We are doing the Devil’s business--with God’s consent!” As the maxim goes, “God is in the details.”

Here is a quick overview of them; The three-piece inter-changeable set stands 20” high. Meticulous attention has been paid to its individually placed and secured hard wood flooring. Regan’s bed is constructed of solid wood and completely wrapped with protective coverings. The bed covers are all hand sewn and stiffened to conform to the figure. The entire bed unit is suspended in mid air by a very strong suspension bracket.

Sculpting credits on the project go to Scott Whipple for his renditions of both Father Merrin and Father Karras. And it was Jim Tufaro’s talented little talons that captured the devilish twinkle in Regan's eye. All the figures are constructed with solid bodies and clothed in high quality fabrics. We don’t know what possessed us to make this set--but we hope our endeavor is to your liking.

Thanks for looking & please check for other great figures by Mad Geppetto!!

We'll ship to Hell in a handbasket!  


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