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This tribute piece was sculpted by the talented hands of Mr. Jim Tufaro. Clothing and construction by Scott Whipple with Fritz Frising lending his knowledge and artistry to the overall project. The solid resin body (clothed in real tuxedo material) stands 7 3/4 inches tall. When presented on his table and base the entire piece stands 16 inches overall. The base is also covered with decorative sawdust for that additional Sideshow feel. Johnny's pedastal table is real wood and so is the base.

Johnny Eckhardt was born on August 27th 1911 at his parents home in Baltimore, Md. He was one of two twins. The other brother, Robert, was born a normal, healthy child. Johnny, though healthy, was born with no lower half. His body stopped just below the ribs. "Oh my lord, he's a broken doll." cried one of the midwives as Johnny came out.

However, in his 79 years on this earth Johnny Eck (his name was shortened by his first manager) accomplished more than most people with legs. He was a sideshow performer, artist, photographer, magician, Punch and Judy operator, expert model maker, race car driver, swimmer, gymnast, actor, train conductor, traveler and all around Renaissance man...

All that and he only reached a height of 18 inches tall!

He never let his lack of legs prevent him from attempting anything he dreamed up. Someone once asked him if he wished he had legs? "Why would I want those? Then I'd have pants to press." was his reply.

With that healthy attitude and the sunny disposition that everybody loved, it is no wonder why he led such a full and happy life.

Mr. Eck is a collaboration between Scott Whipple with likeness and base by Jim Tufaro. Each is hand made with tuxedo and detailed accents. The head and hands are painted by hand. The base is antiqued and distressed for that Circus worn look.

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