An Historical Artifact featured in museum collections.

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Announcing the most Exciting Thing from Coney Island! It took three years to complete this marvel of sculptural delight, validated by experts for historical accuracy.

A total of five - all unique in their own way - will ever be made, making these Extremely Rare History Teaching and Highly Coveted Pieces heirlooms for this and future generations.

Steeplechase Man stands about 16" tall on an 18" base that features vintage Coney Island imagery and boardwalk.

Details include an embroidered miniature 1906 Coney Island penant and badge. Appropriate 1906 garb, real wooden boardwalk with actual Coney Island sand from the Steeplechase Park beach. Each and every Steeplechase Man has been baptized by the ocean waters of Coney Island...we can prove it!!

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