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Please enjoy your visit thru the galleries of Mad Geppetto Creations. Comments are encouraged, and any commissions or suggestions are always welcome.

All Mad Geppetto Creations are hand made in Very Limited Museum Quality Editions. Please email us regarding availability and we will notify you with an estimated time of completion. Accepted form of payment is Money Order or Cashier's Check.

Mad Geppetto Creations has derived a new form of sculpture where the whole story is told in our detailing of the figures and set pieces. These sculptures are accented with varied media. To bring a figure to fruition, a head is first sculpted. The artist will next devise a body, hands, and base upon which to display the figure. These sculptures often have clothing elements sewn onto the bodies. Each is meticulously crafted with attention to detail.

The "Mad One," Scott Whipple is a Connecticut based artist who began revisiting the Aurora Monster Models of his childhood, spending many years entering dioramas in the Chiller Theatre Model Expo; taking top honours each time. Scott's experience with models helped him realize that he could sculpt. Soon he was molding and casting his art to make it available to an eager public. Clothing is meticulously hand made by Scott--a stranger to the modern sewing machine--with outstanding results. "Mad One" is the ringleader of Mad Geppetto Creations.

Jim "Too Mad" Tufaro brings his Emmy Award winning artistic talents (he is the only one of us who can sculpt and draw) as well as his maniacal visions into the fold. Jim cranks out likenesses on some of the sculptures, and wields his tools to create astounding bases and displays. There is no limit to what Jim has in store for us--although his sculptures may be limited to single editions at times. Too Mad's creative cogs are well oiled and always turning.

Fritz Frising, aka "Boiling Mad," has kept to the shadows, designing the name plates and this website. With twenty-one years in the garage kit hobby, he has a reputation as a painter and costume historian, and is the man behind Headless Hearseman Models. Aside from collaborations in sculpture and design, Fritz's work with molding and casting comes in handy. Look for his figures in the near future, with some American legends and other weird but fun characters based in early cinema.

Not last of whom is Bo Fritz, aka "Rah! Rah! Mad," the driving force. Whose cackles, encouragement, praise, and enthusiasm propels the Madness. Our audience is ourselves, but without the cheers from Bo, these creations, this Madness, would not have been shared and unleashed upon the world.

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